About Us

About Us

Heng Guan Poultry Industries Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1995 and operates under MuaHin Poultry Farm Pte Ltd.


Mr Sng Mua Liang started MuaHin as a sole proprietorship and ran the business with his family


MuaHin Poultry Farm Pte Ltd was incorporated for the processing and sales of chilled ducks to the local market. It also provides Ready- to -eat roasted products for customers.


Heng Guan Poultry Industries Pte Ltd was established as the arm for MuaHin’s diversification into the Frozen Food industry.

Heng Guan is one of the largest key player in the importing/ exporting/ processing/ distributing and sales of frozen poultry and processed meats.


With over 300 employees, MuaHin and Heng Guan together are engaged in an integrated duck processing and frozen food distribution business in both Singapore and Malaysia to major dealers, supermarket chains, wet markets stalls, restaurants, caterers, food court and hawker stalls etc.    

The Group’s farms in Perak, Malaysia are accredited farms by Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA).

About 60% of the ducks are distributed in Malaysia and the balance is exported to Singapore. There are also exports to East Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and Middle Eastern countries.

Heng Guan Poultry Industries Pte Ltd

  • Head Office
  • Duck Slaughter House
  • Import, Export and Local Distribution of Frozen Foods
  • Cold room storage for Frozen Foods
  • Freezer Trucks for Frozen Food Distributions

Dynavest Food Industries Sdn Bhd

  • Duck Farming
  • Duck Slaughter House and Processing Plant
  • Ducklings Hatchery
  • Duck Feather Processing Plant
  • Feed Mill